Is your site built with Scruples? We want to help you find out.

We love working with people and organisations that make the world a better place. Our website reviews let you tap into our expertise and improve your website without committing to a full project.

We can help you:

What’s more, if you book a full website project within 6 months of your review, we’ll take the cost of your review off the project.

What’s included?

Website reviews are tailored to each site, but areas we typically cover include:

  • First impressions

  • Design / branding

  • Information architecture

  • User experience

  • Performance

  • Accessibility

  • Content

  • Privacy

  • Data protection

The review was jam-packed with constructive feedback and advice. From strategy to design and execution, leaving no stone unturned. The insight will help me lift my website to another level. I highly recommend to get a review yourself!

Michael Aerni

Designer + Developer

Choose your review

Short review – £120

This short and snappy review is perfect for a quick overview of your site.

Here’s what happens:

  1. You answer a couple of general questions to identify 2–3 areas you want to focus on

  2. We’ll record a 20-minute video, covering as these points and anything else we can identify in the time

We’ll get your review back to you within 7 days.*

Full review – £450

Our full review gives us more time to review your site. We can dig deep your website’s issues and look at a wider set of pages.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll answer some questions about your site and identify any key pages/sections you want us to review

  2. We’ll record a 30–45 minute video looking at these issues and any other problem areas we identify

  3. Once you’ve seen our review, we’ll answer one round of follow-up questions via email to clarify issues or make further recommendations

Your video review will be with you within 7 days.*

* The seven day period starts from when the initial answers are sent to us. If we know that we cannot meet this deadline for any reason (illness etc), we’ll let you know and we’ll be be happy to issue a refund if the schedule doesn’t work for you.