Small and simple sites can be delightful. Especially when paired with beautiful typefaces and a premium minimal aesthetic.

We like these kinds of sites so much we’re tailoring a specific package to cater for them. All while following the Scruples principles.

What you get

  • Bespoke high-quality design, tailored to your brand and content

  • Custom development and a CMS integration that’s tightly aligned to your content

  • Installation of privacy-focused analytics (no cookie banners 🙏)

  • Launched in three weeks

  • Any custom elements, graphics or illustrations developed

  • Lightning fast load times

Content-wise, choose between:

  • 4 static page templates (e.g. home, services, about, contact)

  • Home page + blog (article lists, categories, article templates)

Who it’s for

Our simple sites are perfect for lots of situations, including personal brands or blogs, boutique agencies, microsites, consultancies or other service-based businesses.

If you’re looking for any of the following qualities, it might be the right choice for you:

  • Bespoke high-quality design with a limited feature set

  • Fantastic content-editing experience

  • Premium minimal aesthetic

  • Short turnaround time

To speed things along, you should have branding in place already (or be willing to adopt a simple typographic logo) and the site’s content should be ready to go.

What it costs

These projects are a flat-fee of £4,500.

Fees for the CMS and other licenses (such as fonts) aren’t included: we’ll ask you to register these directly.

Can we add…?

Every project has different needs, so let us know if you have other requirements or you’re after a different aesthetic. A full project might be the most appropriate choice, but we’ll see what we can do.

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