Small and simple sites can be delightful. Especially when paired with beautiful typefaces and a premium minimal aesthetic.

We like these kinds of sites so much we’re tailoring a specific package to cater for them. All while following the Scruples principles.

What you get

  • Bespoke high-quality design, tailored to your brand and content

  • Custom development and a CMS integration that’s tightly aligned to your content

  • Installation of privacy-focused analytics (no cookie banners 🙏)

  • Launched in 3–4 weeks

  • Any custom elements, graphics or illustrations developed

  • Lightning fast load times

Content-wise, choose between:

  • 4 static page templates (e.g. home, services, about, contact)

  • Home page + blog (article lists, categories, article templates)

Who it’s for

Our small sites are perfect for lots of situations, including personal brands or blogs, boutique agencies, microsites, consultancies or other service-based businesses.

If you’re looking for any of the following qualities, it might be the right choice for you:

  • Bespoke high-quality design with a limited feature set

  • Fantastic content-editing experience

  • Premium minimal aesthetic

  • Short turnaround time

To speed things along, you should have branding in place already (or be willing to adopt a simple typographic logo) and the site’s content should be ready to go.

What’s a small site?

Our full projects start at £15,000 and we recognise this can be a lot for small and one-person businesses. Small sites are a vacuum-packed version of our standard sites, allowing us to bring bespoke simplicity to users and owners, regardless of the site size.

We’ll go through exactly the same stages as a full project – discovery, UX, wireframing, design, development, testing and launch – but everything is fitted into a much tighter schedule. We limit the size and scope of the site so we can deliver a tailored experience at a smaller scale.

Our goal is always to deliver the maximum value for the budget and any other project constraints. If there’s time and budget to expand the strategy and design phases, we’d recommend doing that so we can produce an even more thoughtful result.

What it costs

Small Sites cost £5,000.

Fees for the CMS and other licenses (such as fonts) are not included. We’ll ask you to register these directly and we’d recommend budgeting £300–500 to cover this.

Other features

Every project has different needs, so let us know if you have other requirements or you’re after a different aesthetic. A full project might be the most appropriate choice, but we’ll see what we can do.

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