Making the most of your site

Everyone knows that websites need to be maintained to stay secure. But website maintenance is about much more than that.

A successful website needs curation and ongoing thought. Support packages are common, but here’s the thing: it’s tricky to find a balance that satisfies everyone.

We want our clients to be proud of their sites long after launch. And we’ve got a plan to do that.

All of our support packages include updates to the content management system and time for content updates, too. The amount of time for content depends on the package, but it’s included as standard.

We also offer all support clients quaterly catchups. These give you the opportunity to tell us what you’ve got coming up and let us make suggestions as to how your site might help.

Hosting & Emergency Support

We don’t host websites because we don’t work 24/7. In an emergency, you want to be able to get in touch with the host, pronto.

That said, we’ll help clients on support packages with short notice and emergency work. As you might expect, this eats into retained time a little quicker and it depends on our availability, but we’ll always help where we can.

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  • Simple Sites

    Perfect for small size with a quick turnaround. Projects are a flat-fee of £4,500.

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  • Full Projects

    For medium to large sites. Projects start at £10,000.

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