We established Scruples Studio to produce work that benefits the world. We create privacy-focused, inclusive, sustainable websites that have a positive impact for users and organisations.

As the web evolves, it trends towards increasingly unethical and privacy-invasive practices. Dark patterns are rife, sites are inaccessible and surveillance capitalism has become the core business model of the internet.

This isn’t limited to Big Tech or social media companies. These ideas have become so pervasive they’ve filtered through to the marketing techniques employed by organisations of all shapes and sizes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way: there are more ethical alternatives than ever before. Scruples was founded to guide organisations onto a different path, one that empowers them to take the ethical route.

Our projects are guided by principles that are good for users and good for business.

  • Fast websites are good for search engine results and conversions. They help users with poor or limited internet connections, too.

  • Inclusive sites are accessible to the widest range of users, helping business and products reach the biggest audience. Simple language helps users navigate and complete tasks.

  • Privacy-focused sites respect and build trust with users. They avoid slow marketing scripts and improve the UX (goodbye cookie banners, hello simple forms).

  • Clear websites are elegant and easy to understand, enabling users to do what they need in the shortest number of steps. We choose simplicity over complexity.

  • Sustainable sites are a result of all the above features. Optimized, well-built and ethical sites are good for the planet.

  • Memorable sites turn users into fans. We want to tell stories that matter and set you apart from the competition. Be memorable, for the right reasons.

Each of these strands is a positive principle with a clear business case. By pulling these strands together, we create websites that have a positive impact on both users and organisations.

We call this positive web design. If you like the sound of this, we’d love to work with you.

By the way: we love collaborating with individuals, companies and organisations working for good.

Working with this team is like jacking into the Matrix. They make the impossible a reality.

Jack McDade

Founder, Statamic

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