We established Scruples Studio to produce work that benefits the world. We create privacy-focused, inclusive, sustainable websites that have a positive impact for users and organisations.

Our projects are guided by principles that are good for users and good for business.

  • Fast websites are good for search engine results and conversions. They help users with poor or limited internet connections, too.

  • Inclusive sites are accessible to the widest range of users, helping business and products reach the biggest audience. Simple language helps users navigate and complete tasks.

  • Privacy-focused sites respect and build trust with users. They avoid slow marketing scripts and improve the UX (goodbye cookie banners, hello simple forms).

  • Clear websites are elegant and easy to understand, enabling users to do what they need in the shortest number of steps. We choose simplicity over complexity.

  • Sustainable sites are a result of all the above features. Optimized, well-built and ethical sites are good for the planet.

  • Memorable sites turn users into fans. We want to tell stories that matter and set you apart from the competition. Be memorable, for the right reasons.

Each of these strands is a positive principle with a clear business case. By pulling these strands together, we create websites that have a positive impact on both users and organisations.

We call this positive web design. If you like the sound of this, we’d love to work with you.

By the way: we love collaborating with individuals, companies and organisations working for good.

It’s like they crawled inside my head, found my dream version of our website, and then created it as if by magic. Throughout the process they were also incredibly patient, generous, and flexible.

Erik Opsal

Center for Social Media and Politics

Working with this team is like jacking into the Matrix. They make the impossible a reality.

Jack McDade

Founder, Statamic

Working with both of you has been an eye-opening journey that I would wish on anyone trying bring their vision to the web.

Siobhan Solberg


Our Work

Scruples Studio launched in January 2021 and we’ve had the opportunity to work on some great projects. Some of these include:

Scruples are brilliant. They have a rare knack of being able to see both what a site needs strategically, as well as caring about all the little details.

Nick Parker

That Explains Things

Their insight and expertise went beyond the delivery of world class designs by digging into the strategy behind our approach.

James Blair

LionsMouth Digital

What exactly do you do?

We design and build custom websites. Sometime design and hand it off to a developer, but we rarely take on development-only work.

We’re designers at heart, and strongly believe that design is as much about how something works as how it looks. That’s why we care so much about our fundamental principles.

Our value is seeing a project through end-to-end. Only by digging into the details from the beginning can we work to design and develop a project that suits your organisation and your users.

What we do on a project varies depending on lots of factors, but here’s a list of services and skills we can offer:

Our Process

We follow a fairly common workflow: Discovery and Research, UX and Wireframing, Design, Development then Launch.

Our personal involvement through the entire process is somewhat of a superpower. It means we can:

These benefits stack up to deliver a top quality project.

Scruples specialism of ‘premium minimalist’ sites is a superpower – and it works because they’re able to see what sites need strategically, what users really want and need, and which details make all the difference.

Nick Parker

That Explains Things

Our Team

When you work with us, you’re working with us: Colin and Dave.

You’ll be talking to one or both of us at every stage of the project, seeing the project vision through from beginning to end.

What’s more, we know a huge pool of collaborators we can bring in for specific tasks, e.g. copywriting, security consultancy, specialised development or something else. We’re happy to assemble teams to complement our core skillset.

Think we might be a good fit?

Here are a few more details that might be useful:

If that sounds good, we’d love to have a chat to see how we can help.

Get Scruples

We’re currently booking projects from August 2022.

  • Small Sites

    Perfect small sites with a quick turnaround. Projects are a flat-fee of £5,000.

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  • Full Projects

    For medium to large sites. Projects start at £15,000.

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